Canadian visa officers refuse an application when they are of the opinion that the application does not meet the requirements for a certain Canada visa application under Canada immigration law.

When a visa application is refused, the most appropriate course of action is examining the reason(s) for refusal. If it was due to ineligibility status under the Canadian criteria, then simply improving one’s eligibility to meet up to the standard required is obviously the best approach.

However, if that is not the case, depending on the type of application, there are few ways to request Canada to review the previously made decision. One of the few ways is an Appeal, which is an official procedure for reassessing a determination already made on one’s application. Not every case has the right of appeal. There is also an alternate option of a Judicial Review through the Federal Court of Canada (Requires a licensed lawyer with good standing).

At A-Cube immigration, we will confidently handle your refused application and take appropriate steps in an attempt to rectify the situation.